Yoga In The Workplace

For productivity, stress management and enhancing focus and performance

Energising yourself and creating balance and harmony as well as taking time to tune in to you are vital for your well being!

Busy professionals have a lot of pressure and demands and allocating time for yoga may seem as a low priority and a "We have not got time to do Yoga" attitude. But understanding the benefits of yoga and the impact is has on not just the work environment but also our home environment can quickly change the priority to a "We must make time for Yoga" as it really does have a positive intention.

Stress in the workplace today is a major concern for employers and anything that can be introduced to alleviate this is a potential benefit to both employers and the employees.

Over a third of new incidents of ill health are due to work related stress!

Less stressful employees will be more productive and are less likely to need time off through illness. Less stressful employees are likely to have happier home lives and this in turn leads to increased productivity. Highly performing teams are those that manage stress well and are motivated and feel valued.

You certainly do not need to be super bendy or athletic to join a yoga class as there are so many levels a class can be taken to and over time and with regular practice, flexibility and stamina improve allowing you to explore your yoga in more depth. With regular practice, ligaments, tendons and muscles lengthen and this leads to increasing elasticity in your body's movement. Enhancing core strength has a powerful impact on all other activities and even just walking up the stairs and how you sit at your desk can feel different.

Yoga provides cardiovascular benefits by lowering resting heart rate and improving oxygen uptake during exercise. The breathing practices, that are used in yoga help you to slow down and deepen your breathing, which has the biggest positive result on our physiology (mental, emotional and physical state) It activates the body's parasympathetic wing of the nervous system, this is how we relax.

Yoga can ease pain. Practising postures, breathing correctly and relaxation/meditation reduces pain and in many cases I am aware of it can alleviate pain altogether (neck. shoulders, back).

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga on a physical and mental level. Yoga enhances core strength, tones muscles and increases flexibility. It is a driver to help with weight loss and it does wonders for your circulation and nervous system.

Concentration levels are increased, productivity is improved as yoga revitalizes and relaxes you!

You will learn yoga postures and how to breathe properly as well as experience deep relaxation but all at your own level and pace.

There is never any competition and certainly not with yourself as you learn to embrace the art of "letting go".

My classes are for all levels and abilities, new to yoga clients as well as teachers and experienced individuals.

I always say, it is like any sport or activity, there are many levels, for example, I can choose to jog around the block or I can take on a marathon and that is the same with Yoga.

If you would like to introduce yoga into your workplace for yourself and your colleagues then please do get in touch and we can discuss making this happen.

You could always have a trail session first.

Classes can be set at a time and place within your company that is convenient for those wishing to take part. Block bookings can be set up in advance for ease.

Some businesses have a social fund that can pay for the classes and if that is not the case then individuals can block buy 4 classes in advance even if they are not 4 in a row due to holidays etc.

Surely investing in your body and state of mind is the best investment you can make this year?

So, if you are thinking that this would be a great way forward for you, your company and your staff, then do please get in touch and we can discuss further.

Kindest Regards