Weight Loss
Weight Loss and Well Being Programme
"Be a Healthy Weight and Live a Healthy Lifestyle"
Ever thought "It is so hard to lose weight and I really want to shed a few pounds and feel healthy?"

Well you are not alone!

Shelley is a qualified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner via The Health Sciences Academy, Weight Loss and Wellbeing Coach, NLP Coach and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients to lose weight, get fit and maintain their fitness goals.

The programme is about helping you to help yourself with gaining a bit more knowledge about how the mind and body work and that we actually CAN get in charge of our weight loss and fitness.

If we get in charge of our mind and take control then then we can easily stop things like emotional eating, cravings, the "What is the point?" attitude that can then lead to more emotional eating followed by the dreaded guilt feeling!

Shelley has seen a lot of clients over the past 6 years who have specifically come for coaching and mentoring on their fitness, health and weight loss goals. Coaching has helped many clients and 5 clients alone have lost a mass of 32 stone between them (brilliant work!).

Shelley can share with you some facts, tools and exercises that can help you feel differently and motivate you to keep going to your goal achievement.

The programmes are a mix of coaching, mentoring and training and can be carried out on a 121 basis or as workshops for groups of delegates.

Workshops - If you have a few friends and family that are interested or you would like this delivered within your workplace then this can be arranged. Also Shelley does advertise where and when she will be running set workshop programmes and dates and locations will be advertised on the website`

Shelley would love to help you to succeed and welcomes any questions you may have.

A free no obligation phone consultation taking approximately 20 minutes is offered in order to help you to decide.