Thai Yoga Massage
Shelley is delighted to be able to offer the wonderful experience of the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage.

Hugely beneficial for both giver and reciever, as the practice releases energy blockages and deep healing occurs in a space of presence and meditation.

Thai Yoga Massage therapy combines acupressure massage, gentle stretching and applied yoga. You are dressed in loose clothing and the massage does not involve oil or cream (unless a facial massage is chosen).

There are so many benefits of Thai Yoga Massage. By freeing the flow of vital energy in the body, Thai Massage can improve posture, mobility, balance, breathing, digestion and increase blood cirulation. Muscles are stretched, toned and relaxed as well as increasing their flexibility. Inner organs are toned and nervous tension, stress and anxiety is reduced. It boosts your energy and stamina.

The practice improves athletic performance and emotional balance. It helps with pain management, boosting your immune system and slows the aging process.

Concentration levels are enhanced as it helps to clear and calm your mind allowing you to gain mental clarity.

A complete sense of health and well being and you can expect to leave feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated.

1 hour sessions at Shelley's treatment room £55.
Block of 4 sessions £200.

Mobile treatment £65
Block of 4 sessions £240.00

If you would like Shelley to come to your home for massage please get in touch for prices.