Mahatma Gandhi said "Continue to grow and evolve"
Personal and Team Development is an important part of a person's morale and motivation and the success of an organisation. I weave coaching into my training workshops in order for individuals and groups to explore and learn at a deeper level.

A fun and interactive environment enforces learning and I am passionate about helping people to help themselves.

We can help you to assess your training needs and work out a training programme for you and your staff. We can also design bespoke sessions with regards to your training requirements and this means you get a tailored service delivery that suits your staff and the organisation.

Learning and development is paramount to ensure business success and Progress to Success can make this crucial business aspect run smoothly for you.

Progress to Success can send you a summary of the aims and objectives for any workshops you are interested in

Your Training Requirements

Progress to Success provide professional Coaching and Training Services for individuals and businesses.

If you are an employer looking to up-skill your staff, provide mandatory training or arrange team away days, Progress to Success can tailor a solution that is right for you.

All Training Workshops are delivered with passion and enthusiasm helping your organisation to grow.


Coaching and Training Workshops
»  Leadership - Discover Your Potential
»  Confidence Gaining Workshop
»  De Stress and Well Being Workshop
»  Well Being Workshop (with goody bags)
»  Weight loss and wellbeing trilogy programme
»  Anger Management and Stress Awareness
»  Customer Service - Putting Your Customers First
»  Effective Team Working
»  Effective Team Working and Intro to NLP
»  Intro to NLP
»  Coaching "Unlocking Potential"
»  Team Coaching (Goals, Targets, Performance Management. Turning Problems into goals, Forward Thinking and Future Planning)
»  Coaching "The Power of Positivity"
»  Coaching "Reach Your Potential"
»  Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
»  Effective Meetings
»  Time Management "Efficient, Effective and Getting Things Done"
»  Managing Change
»  Successful Supervisor Session 1 - Managerial and Leadership Excellence
»  Successful Supervisor Session 2 - The Power of Positivity, Unlocking Potential and enhancing performance
»  Successful Supervisor Session 3 - Have confidence in meetings and presentations, Communication and Managing Conflict and Change
»  Conflict Management, Assertiveness and Team Coaching
»  Yoga and Relaxation
»  Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation
»  Customer Experience Mapping Confidence, Self Awareness and Assertiveness
»  Challenging and Negotiating Skills
»  Coaching, Mentoring and Buddying Skills
»  Confidentiality
»  Minute Taking
»  Mystery Shopping
»  Self Awareness and Self Management "Positive Lifestyle"
»  Life Skills Course
»  Recruitment and Selection
»  Diversity Awareness
»  Successful Fundraising
»  Call Recording
»  Creative Poetry and Art Workshop
»  Healthy Foods Workshop
»  Healthy Living - You and Your Health
»  Personal Safety, Assertiveness and Saying No
»  CVs, Applications and Interviews
»  Xmas activities - Cake decorating and card making